Why is my email account over quota?

There are two reasons that might explain why your email account is over quota:

1. CatchAll Settings

Did you know that most email accounts are overquota because of your CatchAll settings?

A CatchAll is the account designated to receive undelivered email. If a message is sent to an invaild email address at your domain, the message will be delivered to the CatchAll account. This feature can be useful if someone misspells your email address because you will still receive that message in your CatchAll account.

Sad to say, spammers often try to guess every single email address they can think of. The CatchAll account will fall victim to this, thus filling up the email boxes by dramatically increasing the amount of spam.


2. Inactive mailboxes

Another reason for email overquota is inactive mailboxes. This is especially true if the mailbox is of a common name because spammers tend to spam these email addresses. If a colleague leaves your organisation, do remember to remove their email account(s).


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