How can I perform quick renewal for .MY domain names?

For quick renewals, please change the invoicing party of your domain name to us (this step might be required in some circumstances). Follow our step by step instructions:

  1. Visit MYNIC's website at
  2. Enter your domain name or the registration number (Please refer to MYNIC WHOIS at
  3. Login as the admin contact.
  4. Enter admin contact userID and password.
  5. Click on the CONFIRM button.
  6. Choose OPTION 5 - Appoint new invoicing party.
  7. Choose Integricity Corporation Sdn Bhd from the list and click on the NEXT button.
  8. Click on the CONFIRM button. It will show the new invoicing party details.
  9. Finally click on YES button to transfer domain invoicing party.


If you have forgotten the admin userID and / or password for your domain, you can reset the login details by clicking ‘Forget Username / Password’ under the link below:


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