How do I change the Technical Contact for .MY domains?

To make changes to the domain name (Admin Login):

Kindly use the link below to make changes to a domain name:

Kindly key in the desired contact username and password at the login screen.
This will be continued with the handle code on the next page. Your contact code is not the same as your username, you will be able to find your Contact Code when you "Whois" your domain name.

After logging in, you can use the "Domain Name" drop down menu at the top to access:
Apply new domain
Modify domain
Transfer domain
Delete domain

For changing Technical contact, kindly use the "Modify Domain" .
Enter the domain of your choice or just click "Search" without entering a domain name to view all domain names related to the handle.

You will be able to make changes to more than one domain name at a time.

However, if the list of domain names are too many. A search must be done.

Click the checkbox on the left of the domain name to make changes to that particular domain name.
Click modify to make changes to the domain name/s

At the bottom, you will be able to see an option to change the "Technical Contact". Kindly click the checkbox.

Here you will be able to change the Contact for the domain name. If you would like to change the contact to Integricity, Kindly key in this code in "ALEXLAM3.CON" .

Click "Modify" to approve the changes.

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